When is the Right Time to Hire a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

August 25, 2023 by in Uncategorized

Determining the ideal moment to seek the assistance of a workers’ compensation lawyer is crucial for ensuring a smooth claims process. If you have experienced a workplace injury or have been diagnosed with an illness due to a workplace event, it is advisable to contact a lawyer immediately. By doing so, you can have peace of mind knowing that your lawyer will be by your side through every step of the process, deeply understanding your case. This prompt action will help expedite the filing of your claim and secure the compensation you rightfully deserve without unnecessary delays that may render you ineligible for compensation.

Hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer soon after your injury ensures that your claim is completed promptly. Once you have engaged legal representation, it is recommended to seek medical care. Your attorney can guide you through the process of claiming lost wages if you need to take time off work for treatment. In some cases, your employer’s insurance company may require you to see a doctor of their choosing. However, your attorney can assist in ensuring that your own doctor is considered. They will also advocate for the approval of your claim and, if necessary, help you navigate the appeals process.

What Happens If My Workers’ Comp Claim Is Denied?

If your workers’ compensation claim is denied, a workers’ compensation attorney can provide invaluable assistance. Many individuals who suffer workplace injuries or illnesses find themselves grappling with the uncertainty of a denied claim. Dealing with this process can be exceptionally challenging, particularly when insurance companies attempt to dissuade victims from seeking compensation, or when employers turn against employees who file claims against them. It is essential to remember that you are entitled to compensation, regardless of what insurers may claim. Engaging the services of a workers’ compensation attorney ensures that your claim is not unjustly denied. In the event of a denial, your attorney will fight for your right to appeal the insurance company’s decision and, if necessary, represent your case in court. With their expertise and support, the overwhelming nature of the legal process can be navigated with professionalism and efficiency.

Several reasons may lead to the denial of your employer’s insurance company. However, an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer will analyze the facts and ascertain that your employer is held accountable for covering your medical expenses and lost wages, which you are entitled to. After all, your injury or illness would not have occurred had your employer prioritized your safety. By engaging a workers’ compensation attorney, you substantially enhance the likelihood of success for your claim, even if it has been previously denied.

Why Are Workers’ Comp Claims Denied?

If your employer’s insurance company claims that your injury or condition is pre-existing, you may be denied workers’ compensation benefits. Some insurance companies attempt to avoid paying compensation by asserting that your injury or illness is a result of a pre-existing condition. Despite their efforts to disqualify you, it is crucial to hire a workers’ compensation attorney who can navigate such challenges. Your attorney understands the dismissive and belittling nature of denying a claim, especially when individuals require substantial support. They possess the knowledge and expertise necessary to counter arguments related to pre-existing conditions and advocate for your entitlement to compensation. In some states, laws exist to ensure that individuals who experience injuries that aggravate pre-existing medical conditions are still eligible for compensation. A skilled workers’ compensation attorney can leverage these laws to your advantage, ensuring that your claim is not denied due to a pre-existing condition.

Another common reason for claim denial is insufficient medical documentation. If the insurance company disputes the adequacy of your medical records, it is advisable to consult a workers’ compensation lawyer. They will be instrumental in proving that you have provided the necessary documentation and can handle situations where insurance companies attempt to be evasive. By engaging an experienced attorney, you can ensure that the insurance company receives all relevant documents, eliminating any grounds for denial due to a lack of proper documentation. Your attorney will also keep track of the progress of your case, ensuring that the insurance company does not prolong the process in the hope of a reduced settlement. With their knowledge of insurance company tactics, your attorney will fight diligently to secure the full compensation you deserve for medical treatment and other support related to your workplace injury.

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